Friday, May 20, 2011

Paper flowers

To conclude our little study on the different parts of a plant, we made some flowers today with the children. I used some of their paintings (the ones that look like a big colourful blob!) and cut flower heads out of them. I gave the children a lollipop stick, some glue and green paper leaves I had prepared the night before. They glued them all together and finally added some red lentils in the centre to imitate the seeds.

So, we have here all the parts of a flower (apart from the roots): petals, seeds, flower, stem and leaves. I sticked some magnetic band at the back of the lollipop sticks. They are now hopefully decorating many Irish fridges!!!!


  1. Cool project!!Thanks for sharing..

  2. Hi Aude,

    I was just thinking, assuming the volcano in Iceland doesn't give me any trouble (please!), I will be coming your way in a few weeks. I won't be in your county, but close enough to send you a few things in the Irish mail. Is there anything you want from America? I did a continent swap last summer so I guess since summer is nearly upon me, I have that on the brain.

    Would you like stamps or coins or postcard pictures? Let's see . . . or an American newspaper or something?

    Let me know if there is something, and I will get it to you - volcano or no volcano. : )


  3. Waaaaaaa Karen... You are fantastic. I would have never dare to ask. But yes. It would be brilliant. I still haven't made my North America box yet, so this would be terrific. I would love to give you something back... Let me think about this. Is there anything you would need from France maybe?
    Such a pity you won't be coming down this way!!!! I hope the weather holds. Barrack Obama arrived on Monday in spite of a major storm and lashing rain... All cleared up in the afternoon for his speech in Dublin!! Fingers crossed and you will have plenty of Irish sunshine... Don't worry if the day starts a bit gloomy: here in Ireland, we say we get the 4 seasons in 1 day!! How long are staying for?
    WIll keep in touch. Thanks again Karen. You are so thoughtful .

  4. Excellent! You are too kind. I am happy to do it. Hmmmm . . . now, what shall I gather? I'll see what I can find that is interesting. Then, I'll need to get your snail mail address. I'll e-mail you when I have some news to report about what items I have gathered.

    : )

  5. Hi Aude,
    I have gathered a few things for you - newspaper, baseball game program, a few stamps, coins, and a toob of North American mammals. Friends coming with me on the trip are gathering a few items from their cities - Indianapolis and Minneapolis. I also have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but let me see what else I can find. Could you please send me your mailing address so I can label the envelope and everything before I leave? Then I can just put the whole thing in my suitcase all ready to go once I arrive. Thanks!!! Oh, and do you have a Facebook account? It would be fun to share pictures that way too. ; )

  6. I made these amazing paper flowers to hang up at Thanksgiving. I found a wonderful tutorial for them and I will link her blog in the next post.

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    paper flowers


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